Biological resources

MAZE DH library

In total, 1,015 doubled-haploid lines derived from three European flint maize landraces were generated: 516 from Kemater Landmais Gelb (KE), 432 from Petkuser Ferdinand Rot (PE), and 67 from Lalin (LL). The landraces were pre-selected for phenotypic variation in cold-related traits assessed in field trials and population genetic analyses. For a detailed description of this biological resource, see Hölker et al. (2019):

Hölker AC, Mayer M, Presterl T, Bolduan T, Bauer E, Ordas B, Brauner PC, Ouzunova M, Melchinger AE, Schön CC (2019) European maize landraces made accessible for plant breeding and genome-based studies.
Theor Appl Genet 132:3333-3345,

MAZE MAGIC populations

One multi-parental dent MAGIC DH library segregating for drought and heat tolerance was established which comprises 500 DH lines derived from eight non-BSSS inbred lines.

Synbreed DH library

In total, 351 DH lines derived from six European maize landraces were generated: 19 from Campan Galade (CG), 50 from Gelber Badischer (GB), 54 from Strenzfelder (SF), 34 from Rheintaler (RT), 101 from Satu Mare (SM), and 93 from Walliser (WA). For a detailed description, see Brauner et al. (2019):

Brauner PC, Müller D, Schopp P, Böhm J, Schipprack W, Bauer E, Schön CC, Melchinger AE (2018) Genomic prediction within and among doubled-haploid line libraries from maize landraces. Genetics 210:1185-1196,

Multi-parental maize populations from the PLANT-KBBE CornFed project

Two panels of DH populations were established in the Plant-KBBE project CornFed: 11 DH populations for European Dent and 13 DH populations for European Flint maize. Each of the two panels consists of a central line (or common parent) that was crossed to founder lines that represent important and diverse breeding lines of the European maize germplasm. For a detailed description of this biological resource see Bauer et al. (2013).

Bauer E, Falque M, Walter H, Bauland C, Camisan C, Campo L, Meyer N, Ranc N, Rincent R, Schipprack W, Altmann T, Flament P, Melchinger AE, Menz M, Moreno-González J, Ouzunova M, Revilla P, Charcosset A, Martin OC, Schön CC (2013) Intraspecific variation of recombination rate in maize. Genome Biology 14:R103, DOI: 10.1186/gb-2013-14-9-r103

Giraud H, Lehermeier C, Bauer E, Falque M, Segura V, Bauland C, Camisan C, Campo L, Meyer N, Ranc N, Schipprack W, Flament P, Melchinger AE, Menz M, Moreno-González J, Ouzunova M, Charcosset A, Schön C-C, Moreau L (2014) Linkage disequilibrium with linkage analysis of multi-line crosses reveals different multi-allelic QTL for hybrid performance in the Flint and Dent heterotic groups of maize. Genetics 198:1717-1734, doi:10.1534/genetics.114.169367

Lehermeier C, Krämer N, Bauer E, Bauland C, Camisan C, Campo L, Flament P, Melchinger AE, Menz M, Meyer N, Moreau L, Moreno-Gonzáles J, Ouzunova M, Pausch H, Ranc N, Schipprack W, Schönleben M, Walter H, Charcosset A, Schön C-C (2014) Usefulness of multiparental populations of maize (Zea mays L.) for genome-based prediction. Genetics 198:3-16, doi: 10.1534/genetics.114.161943

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